The American Heart
Association has released
new information on the
benefits of seafood to one's
health. Click
here for the
article from the AHA.
Balance your diet

Nutrition found in seafood,
especially in fish like
sardines, are recognized by
experts as an important part
of everyone's diet. Click
to read more.

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Bulldog Seafood currently has four flavors of
sardines: Soybean Oil, Mustard, Hot Sauce,
and Water.

The line of Bulldog Seafood is growing and soon
will include a variety of products such as:
Hot Sauce
Jack Mackerel
Tuna Fish
Bulldog Seafood: A history of quality

Bulldog Seafood has been a name linked with quality seafood
for decades and continues in this tradition today with a
variety of seafood items.
Bulldog Seafood continues to expand nationally

With the Bulldog brand already recognized in several states,
more and more marketplaces are placing Bulldog on their
shelves. See our "
Services" section for further information on
becoming a Bulldog distributor or carrying the Bulldog brand.
Also, see how you can order Bulldog products and have them
sent directly to your location via our online store.